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Starting as a high school senior, I served in various pastoral roles for 40 years. My experience spans across diverse cultural settings. I am currently an Associate Pastor at New Covenant Church in Albuquerque, NM [ ] My role includes the assessment and assistance for people taking the next step in their spiritual journey. I maintain that while we are individuals who are accountable for our lives, we are not meant to navigate the journey of life alone. Hence, through inter-personal relationships, we share the road and do life together.

I believe there are good foundations for a person to have a healthy heart – both physically and spiritually. Some people tend to be an extremist one way or the other. And some certainly ignore and neglect both these areas of life. I try to be a model of the balance of these two critical areas of our lives. And I offer my assistance to those I serve and coach in keeping the healthy lifestyle a reality.

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