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Growing up in southeast Texas, I participated in typical school and church league athletics. However, I did not pursue any sport beyond the minimal weekend warrior level. I was usually the smaller dude in the group. I wanted to be like my dad who was six foot four. I was always a half foot shorter, even at my peak.  I mindlessly emulated some of his typical nutritional habits – double this, extra that, super large everything – even late in the evening. That lifestyle seemed to have little impact during my teen years. Then things changed. While completing my masters degree in my early 30’s, I found myself not exercising regularly, eating poorly, suffering with kidney stones and weighing around 50 pounds beyond the range for my size and age. The impact was more obvious then and solutions seemed elusive.


In the early years of serving pastoral positions, the impact of making a lot of hospital visits (and recurrent funerals) was a wake up call for me. It was a reminder that our days are numbered. In light of this, how could I be a good steward of the days that I will have? In most cases, regardless their illness, I found a striking commonality of these wonderful people.  Whatever they were dealing with, the majority made it clear to me – they regretted not taking better care of themselves. Whether it was from indifference, procrastination or misplaced priorities, they all shared this sobering reality. All I knew was, whatever might come my way, I did not want to be in those same shoes of remorse one day if possible. That experience, along with some personal motivating issues, galvanized me to make some lifestyle commitments to pursue a balanced and healthy life. This quote embodied many of the conversations I would have with people in days ahead: “Many people in their early years ignore their health in the pursuit of wealth, only to come to the end of life and spend all their wealth trying to regain their health”. I needed to act on what I can control to have the best result on both of these fronts.


Short cuts do not pay off in the long run. Understanding there was no magic bullet, in 1991, I began running for fitness. I did my first competition, a local 5K race, in the fall of 1993. Soon after that, I entered the endurance multi-sport world of training and racing with purpose. My view of nutrition and overall health began to improve. After relocating to New Mexico in 1998, I viewed the training as homework and the racing as the exam to measure what I had learned. Over the past 20 years, I have since completed numerous run, bike and multi-sport events. This includes 9 Ironman finishes. Podiums may come and go, but the fulfillment of being a finisher cannot be disregarded.


The integration of athletics and purpose was affirmed for me early in my career.  Triathlete Magazine is the most widely published multi-sport magazine in the world. Professional triathlete and Hall of Fame member Scott Tinley wrote an article called “More Than a Triathlete” in the October 2000 issue.  In this article, I was the featured element as Tinley reflected on what the sport had come to mean to him over the years. I was honored and humbled. This reflected what I had been trying to exemplify in my sphere of influence that there was purpose in training and competing that transcends the physical aspects of endurance sports. Soon afterwards, people started referring to me as the “Ironman Pastor”.


 For some reason, most people do not picture pastors in their mind when they think of triathletes. I enjoy being myself with those who have an affinity for endurance sports. “I do race for trophies, but even more for the reward of running the race of life.” (Hebrews 12:1-3) Although I am not perfect, I desire to be an influence in the world of endurance sports of a genuine faith and life. I want to model and assist others to run the ‘race of life’ with passion and purpose. I am “More than a Triathlete”. I believe inspiration that is compelling is founded in the fusion of faith and fitness.


USAT Level 1 certified coach

USA Cycling Level 3 certified coach

TRX certified instructor

Coach – Grasky Endurance Coaching 2013-2015

USAT Rocky Mountain Region Council 2016-2019

Fellowship Christian Athletes – Endurance

Endurance Obsession Triathlon Club


Masters Degree – Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary 1991

Bachelor of Arts, E.T.B.C., 1982

Port Neches-Groves High School, 1975

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